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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the bizportal.moea.gov.tw website. To help you understand how you are protected while using this website and how your personal information is collected, used, and secured, please read the following information:


  1. This privacy policy covers the collection, use, and security of information associated with visitor activity on this website;
  2. It does not cover outside websites which may be accessed via links on this website, nor does it apply to personnel not commissioned to perform tasks related to this website, nor to those not involved in the management of this website.

Purpose of collecting personal information, types of information, and how it is use

  1. Visitors who use any of this website's subscription services will be asked to provide personal information necessary to process requests, which may include the visitor's unified business number, email address and duration of visit;
  2. This website records visit-specific information such as visitor’s IP address, duration of visit, and pages viewed. This data is collected for internal use by website management to analyze site traffic and browsing behavior in order to improve this website's quality of service. Such analysis is performed in aggregate only and never applied to individual visitors.

Personal Information Sharing Policy

This website in no way permits the arbitrary sale, sharing or leasing of any personal information to third parties, with the following exceptions:

  1. Based on a good-faith belief that disclosure is required by law, or for management use in the protection, maintenance or upgrade of website services;
  2. As you agree.

Duration of Use and Region of Personal Information

This Website is entitled to preserve, use, process, or transmit the personal data acquired for particular purposes or within the scope of permission under laws and regulations. Except for announcements otherwise made on the webpage for the service items or the termination of the website services, the data will be permanently preserved due to the abovementioned collection purpose, and the region of use shall be within the Republic of China. The Website will protect the security of all personal data by using reasonable technologies and procedures as much as possible.

Exercise of Rights with Regard to Personal Information

When one of the following situations occurs, this website will stop collecting, processing, or using personal information in lieu of deleting that information:

  1. There is a retention period that is stipulated by law or regulation;
  2. There is sufficient reason to believe that the requested deletion will infringe upon the rights of the party concerned that should be rightfully protected;
  3. There are other justified reasons that counter deletion.

Use of Cookies

  1. Cookies are brief information recorded in users’ drives for identifying users by the information system. In the description of the browser operations, you may understand how to accept or reject cookies. If you choose to reject, you will not be able to use partial service items on this website;
  2. Cookies recorded by this website do not include data that is sufficient to identify the user; instead, the cookies record data related to personal services set by users on the webpage.
  3. The server of this Website may only access the activity log of users’ cookies on this website and may not access the activity log of users on other websites.

Way to Deliver the Information

The Website may use the E-mail you provide to the subscription service for the delivery of information. Based on operational needs, we will preserve the information you have entered and provide the options of unsubscribing or making changes to the services.

Your Rights and Self-Protection

Please secure your personal information carefully and do not provide your personal information to the third party. Please do remember to log out before you leaving any service page logged in and keep your personal information confidential.

Amendments to the Privacy Protection Policy

The website’s privacy and security policy are subject to adjustment as needed at any time. Adjusted terms will be published on the website.